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From Deb at Wheatland Press:

Savings so big you'll need a wheelbarrow...

Between now and Monday March 1 at Midnight Pacific Time, buy any two Wheatland Press titles and receive any other Wheatland Press title absolutely FREE.

How do you do that with my primitive ordering system? Easy. Order the first book. Order the second book. On the second book, put the title of you FREE book in the PayPal comments section.

It's that easy!


Shop til you drop!

If you are so inclined, but two books and get my collection "Can't Buy Me Faded Love" for free. Just saying...

2010 Writing Resolutions

Hello 2010. This is my traditional blog post detailing my writing resolutions for the year so I can mock myself in December when I've failed to acheive them. To that end:

1. Finish writing HOMEFRONT -- I'm 4.5 chaps in an rolling on this novel. If I don't slack off too much, I should have no problems with this one.

2. Write more short stories -- vague enough for you? Let's say around 8 new stories this year. That's doable, even with the novel. My short story output was way down for 2009 ('cause I was writing novels) but it's time to get moving with stories again. I'm off to a good start and should have a new one finished Real Soon Now.

3. Sell one of these dang novels -- not exactly something I can control, but there you go.

4. Sell more reprint / foreign rights of short stories -- I have a ton of stories in my biblio that have never been reprinted, never been sold to podcasts, never been read in a foreign language. They're just sitting there. Slackers. Time to put them back to work.

That's enought to keep me busy. If I think of any more, I'll add them.

Save Polyphony!!!

The excellent Polyphony anthology series is in danger of going away if we don't support it. My story "Chasing America" appeared in volume 6 and now volume 7 is pending publication with my story "Avoiding the Cold War" and stories from a cast of awesome folks. Unfortunately, the times they are a hard, and Wheatland needs your support to get the book published. Here's what Deb has to say:


In 2002, the Polyphony anthology series debuted. Conceived as a short fiction venue for stories that would skate gracefully across the boundaries of science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, and literary fiction, it was quickly recognized as the standard bearer for cross genre work. Since then, the series' six volumes have become a vital, unique collection of voices in literature of the fantastic.

Polyphony has been twice nominated for a World Fantasy Award and the stories therein have been featured in several "Year's Best" anthologies, along with garnering accolades from several award judges and committees. Polyphony authors range from multiple-award-winning seasoned writers to the previously unpublished. The series is truly a melodic interweaving of many voices: old and new, speculative and literary, heralded and unknown. Polyphony has not merely crossed literary boundaries, it has reformed and redefined them.

The harsh economic climate threatens to kill this vital series. Wheatland Press is asking for your help.

The authors have graciously made concessions to make Polyphony 7 a reality. They've agreed to a reduced pay rate to see the volume published. Now we need readers.

In order to publish Polyphony 7, Wheatland Press must receive 225 paid pre-orders via the website by March 1, 2010. If the pre-order quantities cannot be met, Polyphony will cease publication. It's that simple. The preorder link is here: http://www.wheatlandpress.com/
(mid page)

If the preorder number is met, then Polyphony 7 will be published on or about July 1, 2010.*

We have heard from many in the SF/F literary community that Polyphony is a vital part of landscape. We agree, but we cannot continue without your support. We hope that you will support our fine authors and their art by becoming part of the Polyphony community and pre-ordering a copy of Polyphony 7.

*The fine print: If we do not receive enough orders by March 1, then all preorders will be refunded immediately.

Do feel free to buy another Wheatland Press title while you are stopping by the website! Those will, as always, ship immediately.


So, that's the scoop. I urge you order a copy, but in case you're on the fence, dig this great table of contents:

The Bravest Girl I Ever Knew - by Howard Waldrop
Dr. Black at the Red Demon Temple - by Brendan Connell
The Snow Queen - by Chris Clarke
Strange Mammals - by Jason Erik Lundberg
The Afterlife of Sorrow - by Mikal Trimm
Breaker of Thresholds - by George Zebrowski
The Seven Deadly Motels - by Bruce Holland Rogers
The Monster in the Field - by Steve Rasnic Tem
There is Something So Quiet and Empty Inside of You that it Must be Precious - by Ben Peek
A Problem in Five Clocks - by Stephen Bush
Bear in Contradictory Landscape - by David J. Schwartz
Automata - by Eric Schaller
The Klepsydra - by Micheala Roessner
Captain Kid - by Kristin Livdahl
Loose Ends - by Jerry Oltion
The Possibility of Love - by Stephanie Campisi
Grief-Stepping to the Widower's Waltz - by Ken Scholes
A Sip from the Cup of Enlightenment - by Sarah Totton
The Dust and the Red - by Darin C. Bradley
A Joy Forever - by Celia Marsh
The Heart of the Rail - by Mark Teppo
Mirages - by Eric M. Witchey
Avoiding the Cold War - by Josh Rountree

Nebula Eligible Stories

Everyone else is doing it, so I'll jump on board with the self promotion thing. Looks like the Nebula Award recommendation period just opened for fiction published from July 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009. Here's a list of the first print short fiction I've had published in that time period:

"Gone Daddy Gone" - Lone Star Stories, April 2009
"Veronica" - Lone Star Stories, December 2008
"Fragments of a Fantasy Life" (w/ Mikal Trimm) - Realms of Fantasy, November 2008
"Bury My Guitar at Wounded Knee" - Can't Buy Me Faded Love (my short fiction collection from Wheatland Press)
"Gifting Bliss" - CBMFL
"Grievous Angel" - CBMFL
"Indie Gods" - CBMFL
"Nikola and the Wolf" - CBMFL
"No One Here Gets Out Alive" - CBMFL
"The Review Lester Bangs Would Have Written for the New Stones Album if he'd Lived Long Enough to Witness the Fall of Humanity and the Rise of the Other" - CBMFL

If any of you SFWA members out there would like a copy of any of these stories, I'll be happy to provide it. The Lone Star Stories stuff is available online, but I can send PDFs for the rest.

It Has Begun

Well, I finished up all my writing avoidance activity...ahem, I mean "research." Still some more stuff to read on WWI and also the Manhattan Project, but it's time to get this new novel moving.

To that end, I sat down tonight and officially started writing HOMEFRONT. The result was five pages full of pretty decent words. Only another 395 or so pages to go. My goal is to finish this thing by March. I'll post progress periodically -- if I start to slack off, give me a kick or something.
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Story Mugging

I'm plugging away at the novel outlining process for HOMEFRONT. Characters are being fleshed out, world is being defined, plot points are starting to snap together into place. I actually have some momentum on this project, and I'm keeping to my self-imposed scheduled.

So, we all know what that means, right? Story mugging. A new story (or at least stringy bits of it) popped into my head last night and I wrote three quick pages. Hopefully I can knock this thing out fairly quickly and still stay on track with the novel.

This isn't exactly bad news. It feels good. Like maybe I'm finally coming out of the no writing hole I've been in for a while now.

Of course, the story could totally suck...