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Intrepid Travelers in Electric Velocipede #21/22

It's official -- my novelette "Intrepid Travelers" will be in the November (double issue) of Electric Velocipede. Here's what they posted at the magazine blog. Dig that TOC:


We're making a double issue, so issues #21 and #22 are combining together. This was done so that we can get ourselves properly into Night Shade Books' budget cycle and then have things moving smoothly into the future.

What's gonna be in this mighty double issue you ask? Here's the table of contents:

Thom Davidsohn

Lauren Henley - “Frazier”
Geoffrey A. Landis - “The Long Trajectory”
Ki Russell - “Drowning in Pearls”
Ki Russell - “In the Dark”
Ki Russell - “Infatuectomy”
Brenda Stokes - “A Mermaid's Catch”
E. Lily Yu - “Patience”

Tracy Berg - “Witherking”
Josh Rountree - “Intreped Travelers”

Short Stories
Peter M. Ball - “Memories of Chalice”
Darin Bradley - “∞°”
Karl Bunker - “Worm Days”
Monica Byrne - “The Comedy at Kualoa”
L. L. Hannett - “Unlocking the God”
Dave Justus - “The Next Day”
Damon Kaswell - “The Stonecutter”
Keffy R. M. Kehrli - “Shoes Worn Once”
William Knight - “An Abiding Memory of Scarecrows”
Shira Lipkin - “The Portal to Heaven”
Samuel Mae - “Pistols at Dawn Amongst the Evergreens”
Shannon Page and Jay Lake - “In the Beginnings”
Michaela Roessner - “Pie in the Sky”
William Shunn - “Care and Feeding of Your Piano”
Brian Trent - “Checkmate”
Genevieve Valentine - “Carte Blanche”
Damien G. Walter - “My Love Sick Zombie Boy Band”
Jennifer Waterford - “Beata Beatrix”
Jonathan Wood - “Gaining Traction”

Penelope O'Shea - “Sampling the Aspic”
John Ottinger - “Content TKTK”
Jim C. Hines - “Blindfold Taste Test”
Contributor Bios

I can hear what you're thinking: wow. Yeah, I know. Very impressive. The content from issue #21 has been edited already and I'm deep into issue #22. This stuff is gonna blow your head off.
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