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Nothing to See Here

Writer-type things I'm doing now:

1. Passing 100 pages on the new novel manuscript.
2. Waiting on word back regarding a couple of submitted stories.
3. Trying to sort out a collaboration in progress.
4. Holding stray story ideas at bay with a stick.
5. Reading another fat book about some twentieth century war or another.
6. Awaiting the publication of Polyphony 7.
7. Waiting to announce the Really Cool sale I made recently.
8. Waiting for good or bad news about a novel submission.
9. Waiting for good or bad news about another novel submission.
10. Writing (more or less) a couple of other stories.
11. Pounding my head against a wall.

So, it's quiet around here. But I'm not slacking or anything.
Tags: novels, polyphony, short fiction, submissions, writing
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