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Getting Better All the Time

So, my second short story sale of the year is an anthology reprint. A good one. I don't think any TOC has been announced, so I'm not spilling the beans yet, but I'll definitely report here when it all goes public. I imagine it will be soon.

Apart from that, I have two pretty good longish stories submitted to mags right now -- fingers crossed -- I'm in the middle of a couple of more, and I'm still plugging away at HOMEFRONT.

And my story "Avoiding the Cold War" is appearing in Polyphony 7, which, in case you didn't hear, is set for publication in July.

2009 didn't see a lot of fiction from me, but 2010 is looking like it has the potential to rock.
Tags: anthologies, homefront, polyphony, sales, short fiction, writing
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